"Empress of France"
       Final voyage November 30th 1960
                     Montreal to Liverpool
as told through the memories and personal collection
              of passenger Lewis Carter
           Empress of France II 1928 - 1960
           Canadian Pacific Steamship Line
           1928 - 48 as Duchess of Bedford
           1948 - 60 as Empress of France II                
                 Empress of France
     Image from Passenger List (Canadian Pacific)

On 30 November 1960, ten year old Lewis Carter left Montreal aboard the "Empress of France," bound for Liverpool. This was to be the Empress's final voyage. Four years earlier, in 1956, Lewis, his mother and brother had emigrated to Canada, on the ship Skaubryn, following their father who had gone out first to find work and prepare a home for them. The family were now returning to Wales, their country of origin, due to matters related to their grandmother's death. This site contains images from Lewis Carter's personal collection - mementos of this voyage across the Atlantic.
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Note: individual pages from the Passenger List booklet on this web site are not dated but
have been included on various Days of the voyage as appropriate.  This Passenger List
booklet, Wednesday, November 30th, 1960, also contains the names of the passengers,
not included here in order to protect the privacy of passengers and family members.  For
further information on the Passenger List, email Lewis Carter.
For further information,
read Empress of France
by Sue McPherson
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